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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Trump is Under Criminal Investigation; Hillary is Not

The constant screaming "LOCK HER UP!" at Trump's rallies, and Trump's promise to throw Hillary in jail as soon as he was elected POTUS has a certain karma ring to it.

Donald J. Trump is now under criminal investigation for obstruction of justice.

Hillary Clinton is not.

Washington Post:

"The special counsel overseeing the investigation into Russia’s role in the 2016 election is interviewing senior intelligence officials as part of a widening probe that now includes an examination of whether President Trump attempted to obstruct justice, officials said. ….

The obstruction-of-justice investigation of the president began days after Comey was fired on May 9, according to people familiar with the matter. Mueller’s office has now taken up that work, and the preliminary interviews scheduled with intelligence officials indicate his team is actively pursuing potential witnesses inside and outside the government."


Re: Yesterday's terrible shooting of GOP Congressmen:

It's a tragedy and one that is repeated again and again and again. It is also worthy to note that the GOP Congress recently overturned President Obama's executive order that made it illegal to sell firearms to mentally ill people. Those same GOP Congressmen and women have no intention of banning the AR-15, which was used by the shooter. The AR-15 is not used for hunting; it's only purpose is to maim, injure, or kill human beings.


Shooter likely used a semi-automatic rifle not banned by law

The shooter, identified by the FBI as James T. Hodgkinson, had several encounters with local police in Illinois, including accusations of domestic abuse, drunken driving and shooting in the woods near his home with a 12-gauge shotgun. 

 It’s unclear where Hodgkinson, who had been living in Alexandria, Va. more recently, bought the gun. He had a valid Firearm Owner’s ID, allowing him to purchase a gun in Illinois, meaning he underwent a background check. Virginia does not require a similar permit for purchase, only for carrying a concealed weapon.

"...Wednesday's shooting was the 154th mass shooting so far this year in America. That's 154 mass shootings in just 165 days. Violence, particularly gun violence, is the American fact, the American shame." --Charles Blow, New York Times

David Frum

No background checks
No licensing
No registration
No permit req’d for concealed carry of long guns
Open carry long guns & handguns


skudrunner said...

No concealed carry permit required for long guns. Virginia does require background checks and this nut was from Illinois so what do Virginia background checks and gun laws have to do with this shooting. This just shows how little the author knows about firearms. I don't believe what the shooter had was a long gun, it was an assault rifle. If someone is going to shoot someone and then themselves do you really think they care about not having the right permits. If someone had a concealed weapon maybe the shooter would not have been as successful.

It is about time DJT is being investigated because there was not a whole lot the MSM could use to condemn him for breathing.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud: "Virginia does require background checks and this nut was from Illinois so what do Virginia background checks and gun laws have to do with this shooting."

Hodgkinson had moved from Illinois and was living in Virginia at the time of the shooting.

James T Hodgkinson: What we know about Virginia suspect

So according to the twisted logic from the right that has placed the blame on every Liberal, Progressive, and Democrat for this tragedy, we now understand that people who live in Virginia own this tragedy as well -- according to the nasty wingnuts.

anymouse said...

And yet Skid totally ignores the FACT that virtually all of the issues surrounding Trump were brought on by none other than Trump himself. Oh, I forgot - when it's a right winger, everyone is just supposed to forget what he said and did and focus on his 'intent'. After all, that's what they did for Clinton and Obama, right? Oh wait. . . . .

skudrunner said...

No some nut job owns this tragedy and our total lack of civility in this country is in part responsible. The leftist have shown they are far more violent and less likely to welcome opposing opinions than the right but they are not entirely to blame.

Rational Nation USA said...

My response to all the skudrunners of the USA.

Shaw Kenawe said...


" must nevertheless ask why, indeed, American politics has become so hateful.

In short, just who the hell is responsible for this mess?

Without going into decades-long history, could it be that the Republican Party nominated for the presidency the vilest, rudest, awfulest, most contemptible and most hateful man ever to plague American politics? Could it be that that man and that party then conducted, arm in arm with an American adversary, the most scurrilous campaign ever to plague American politics? And could it be that since that vile little sociopath's minority election, he and his party have striven to remake our beloved country into an international pariah, a plutocratic paradise and, for everyone else, a domestic hellhole?

You think, Rep. Davis, maybe all that could have something to do with the reciprocal hatefulness in American politics today? You think?

No, I doubt it. You and your Republican pals are too busy spewing idiotic, diversionary, self-serving propaganda."

Anonymous said...

A travel ban on six Muslim countries, but any guy wearing a bin Landen T-shirt can buy a semi-automatic gun no questions asked. Trump's America.

Dave Miller said...

Here's my two cents... FWIW...

1. For years, libs have cited the likelihood of sharp rhetoric to inflame people and lead to violence. We've seen this after many mass shootings. For years, conservatives have said we're nuts, that people make their own choices. Now that the roles seem to be reversed, both sides seem to have amnesia. Libs forget they've said for years words can incite, and Cons forget they've said for years that's not possible.

2. Donald Trump seems to be at the nexus of a lot of the discord in America today.

3. People are forgetting, or ignoring what is going on. Our intelligence agencies have all said the US Elections were hacked. It was said both before and after the elections.

3A. People in the potential Trump Admin, had contact with the Russian government and NGO's. These were not illegal meetings and by themselves, do not seem to be a problem.

3B. The problem with those meetings however is not that they occurred, it's that when the people who had those meetings were asked about them , either in person or in the security clearance filings, they lied, mis remembered, or denied the meeting ever happened. Which brings us to...

4. President Trump, and his administration, rather than simply own up to a mistake, decided to dissemble, creating suspicion and an inability to explain why those meetings of a large group of Admin officials with the Russians, had not be disclosed.

For Skud and everyone else, this issue is not about how HRC, Pres Obama, Nixon or anyone was treated. It is about Pres Trump and his Admin. I'm gonna be charitable here and say I do not believe Pres Trump, or his Admin colluded with the Russians to hack or rig our elections. But no one can deny that Pres Trump and people in his admin have lied about their meetings with the Russians.

That is why we are where we are. Plain and simple, it's because the Trump Admin lied and once caught, went into overdrive, by Trumps own admission, to cover it up, obstructing an FBI investigation.

Rational Nation USA said...

I could be wrong but as I see it the obvious obstruction of the FBI investigation must lead to but one conclusion, the Trump administration cannot be trusted to do the right thing. Therefore the nation is in as much danger as it was during the Watergate period under Nixon.

A leopard does not (cannot) change its spots. And I cut the extreme right wing no slack.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Lord Dampnut really is number ONE. Number ONE as the only president to hit 60% DISAPPROVAL in the shortest period of time of any president in recent American history.

Well done, Lord Dampnut, well done:

Kerry Eleveld, Daily Kos:

But not only did the Don hit his personal best, he totally bested every other president dating back to Nixon. Here's a brief look at how many days it took for the following presidents to attain 60 percent disapproval status.

Nixon: 1,736
Ford: Never
Carter: Never
Reagan: Never
H.W. Bush: 1,290
Clinton: Never
W. Bush: 1,758
Obama: Never
Trump: 144

The rabid rightie trolls who come here every day claiming that Mr. Obama was the "worst and most disliked" president in American history apparently still get their information from FAUX NOOZ, or some other pretend news source. SAD!

Kevin Robbins said...

Make hunting witches great again.

Dave Miller said...

You guys are missing something about the "rabid righties".

To them, Trump is a leader of a crusade to take America back! Of course, in their view, his approval numbers will be low.

That's what happens when you finally take control of the ship and stop giving everyone a free ride.

To them those 60%'ers are the people determined to destroy America. Their anger is proof his plan is working...

Rational Nation USA said...

Sad as it it is Dave your comment rings true.