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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The BLOTUS About His Accomplishments for His First 100 Days

What a surprise.

Trump is again. But fact-checkers and people who live in the real world are on to his newest attempt to put lipstick on a pig:

For example, three bills appoint individuals to the Smithsonian Institution board, two name buildings, and one designates a location for a National Desert Storm and Desert Shield Memorial. 

The most notable bills Trump has signed are a set of 13 that reverse Obama-era regulations on a range of issues including on internet privacy and gun control. 

While that was a goal for Republican lawmakers, it’s important to note these bills made it to Trump’s desk through a process made possible by the Congressional Review Act, which became law in 1996. The act gives Congress a narrow window to reverse regulations, so these 13 bills had to get through Congress within Trump’s first 100 days. 

Notably missing from the list of 28 bills that have reached his desk: A bill repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act, along with several other laws Trump said he would try to usher through Congress within his first 100 days. [The Muslim Ban is another example. Failed again today. -- S.K.]

Compare this to President Barack Obama, who signed 14 laws, but those laws included the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and the $800 billion stimulus package.

None of the bills Trump has signed so far are major pieces of legislation, so it doesn’t indicate that Trump has been particularly skilled at getting his agenda through Congress so far.

But there is no argument about the fact that Lord Dampnut is this country's biggest, bigly


anymouse said...

And remember, Orange Blobious constantly attacked President Obama for using executive orders and called them 'power grabs' and 'an abuse of the office'. He's now signed far MORE executive orders than did Obama at this time and yet he crows about those as 'accomplishments'! Same thing with his golfing. How many times did he and the rest of the mentally ill right wing blast Obama for playing golf, yet this piece of orange crap has played more golf during these first 4 months than Obama did in two years and nary a peep from the disgusting right wing. Hypocritical bastards, each and every one of them....

Shaw Kenawe said...

BlueBull: "...nary a peep from the disgusting right wing. Hypocritical bastards, each and every one of them..."

Of course they're hypocrites -- loud-mouth hypocrites who pounced on the smallest thing they could find to denigrate President and Mrs. Obama. (Imagine their reaction to a Democratic FLOTUS whose nude photos are are all over the internet? and remember when the claimed Mr. Obama is a Commie, and that his mother was a Commie, and also his grandparents were Commies?)

But not a peep out of the hypocrites when it was announced that Melania Trump's parents will be living in the White House. Melania's father is a past member and leader of his local COMMUNIST PARTY! And this actual Communist gets a pass because his daughter is married to Trump. Not a word from the sanctimonious two-faced thugs who hammered the Obamas about being Commies, when neither of them were and when their parents were not as well.

The also believe that the American people support Trump and are behind him, which of course, is the ultimate in self-delusion. The American people DO NOT support Trump. His numbers are sinking by the minute. Soon, only the demented and fools will admit they voted for him.