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Thursday, June 22, 2017

We know Trump is an incessant liar; now we know he's a weaselly bluffer too.

h/t to Rational Nation USA for his comment that alerted me to the recent news that Trump admitted there are no tapes of his conversations with Comey, as Trump hinted and as he kept suggesting they existed by playing his little cat and mouse game of promising to let the American people know "sometime soon."

Weasel words from a typically weak bully who tried to intimidate someone he couldn't get to. In this case, James Comey, although Comey welcomed the news that there may have been tapes. Comey had nothing to fear from tapes, since he wasn't lying in his recent testimony, and the entire world knows that egregious lying is second nature to Trump.

Trump's suggestion that there may be tapes was how a coward tries to win points in a pissing contest. Well, Trump lost, and he's a pissah (but NOT a wicked one -- that would be a compliment coming from a Bostonian.)

Comey's more honest, more forthright and more of a man than the Lying Bluffer, Trump could ever hope to be.

Daily Kos:

Trump admits there were never any tapes of his meetings with fired FBI director James Comey

"That’s correct. Donald Trump never had any kind of recordings of his meetings with Comey. And since the meetings were one on one with the former FBI director, that means Trump knew from the outset that there were no recordings. 

It’s not a mystery now. It wasn’t a mystery then. 

All the smug threats, all the “you’ll find out” promises, all the strum and drang and dang strumming all leads to … nothing. Because there was nothing. Nothing of course, except further proof that Trump is a loudmouth bully who plays a game of bluff and threat with absolutely nothing to back up his bullshit statements. Which is really good evidence that Trump is likely to be exaggerating, overplaying, and utterly lying about everything else. 

Robert Mueller, please take note. And no recordings also means that, when it comes to Trump’s word against Comey, Trump has nothing to back him up except for many, many, many examples of his lying."



Jerry Critter said...

Given that we all know that Trump is an incessant liar, why is there any reason to believe him now? If he does have tapes, he would probably lie. They would most likely confirm what Comey has said, and Trump does not want that confirmation. Plus, if Trump taps Comey, it raises the question, who else has he taped. I'm sure there have been other conversations thatnTrumpmwould not want made public.

Infidel753 said...

Typical. Trump always farts pretty good, but he never has the shit to back it up.

Rational Nation USA said...

As the article in my post points out Trump is a buffer. It is normal strategy for him. Obviously the bluff has worked well for him.

Confucius Says said...

Neigh do you! You asinine POS

Shaw Kenawe said...

Con. Says, "Neigh do you!" And then calls someone an "asinine POS."

I guess Confuscius Says likes to imitate horses while shouting insults into the blogsphere.

Another confused and mentally challenged escapee from the Skank Tank.