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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Support for impeachment is now higher than Trump's approval rating in virtually every poll.
Approval @Gallup: 36%
Impeachment @Politico: 43%


skudrunner said...

Why not show polls from the same organization. Gallup is somewhat unbiased and politco is leftist owned, hardly apples to apples. You complain about fake news and they you publish it. Granted DJT's poll numbers suck and he is far from being PC but that may be why he won the election or perhaps the aid of Montenegro who was responsible for -H- losing.
What grounds are there to impeach DJT? As a private citizen he did business with Russia, he set up back channel communications with a known terrorist country. Maybe he sold uranium rights to russia, he broke US policy and paid ransom to free an American.
If I remember correctly there was an impeachment in the last 20 years and he never left office.
Don't pin your hopes on an impeachment. Is Comey going to admit he committed purgery so he can get back at someone who fired him. Is Clapper to be believed now after he testified there was no pressure exerted by DJT. Is a president not to ask people in his administration to be loyal.
I think you are dancing in the clouds. You could do more good advocating the DNC to appoint a chief and have a message.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skudrunner: "You complain about fake news and they you publish it."

No, skud, it is the disaster of a president -- Trump -- who complains about fake news, and it is his sheeple that repeat his nonsense. Both Gallup and Politico are real entities, neither is fake. Trump labels anything that he dislikes as "fake," just like a typical 8-year old.

The rest of your comment is nothing more than warmed over right wing (FAUX NOOZ) bitter talking points that are b.s. Just like the con man you're defending. At some point you and the passengers on the Mother Ship of Fools will understand you're on the Trump Titanic.

Hillary Clinton is not running for president, but you seem to be obsessed with her. Get over it. James Comey has his flaws, but he's not a stinking liar like Donald J. Trump. There's a reason he's polling at 34% and that he's hated everywhere else in the world except for Russia and other dictatorships.

Someday you'll get it. Meanwhile, have some popcorn.

Anonymous said...

FFS skudrunneer! What is wrong with you? beside your blind loyalty to a corrupt political paryt and president? You and the GOP went insane when Bill Clinton met for a few minutes with AG Lynch just before the election but you're all silent about the fact that tRump met with Comey NINE TImes and asked Comy to call off a federal investigation! You people make the rest of us sick to our stomachs with your sickening hypocrisy. Keep it up skud and the rest of you blind Rethuglicans. A day of reckoning is coming.

skudrunner said...

I am not sticking up for trump just pointing out the hypocrisy of both sides. Like him or not it is in everyone's best interest to support the office of the president even if you disagree with him. He is the current leader of the country and will be for the next three and a half to seven years.
BC meets with the AG on the tarmac in Phoenix was not a coincidence and was very inappropriate since she was the person who could determine if -H- would be charged. How could you not find that questionable behavior. I do find it troubling the way DJT fired and then attacked Comey. It has yet to be proven if he demanded that Comey drop the investigation or if he just asked him if he would under no threat. Nothing illegal is asking just not real appropriate, kind of like BC and AG meeting.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud: "It has yet to be proven if he demanded that Comey drop the investigation or if he just asked him if he would under no threat. Nothing illegal is asking just not real appropriate, kind of like BC and AG meeting."

According to legal minds who know this stuff inside and out, you're wrong. Even the mere suggestion to interfere with an ongoing FBI investigation is considered obstruction. I can guarantee that if this had happened during the Obama administration, you wouldn't have been so understanding. You and your friends at the Mother Ship of Fools and at the Stench Trench were unceasingly critical and bitter over anything and everything Mr. Obama did while POTUS, but now you're asking for forbearance toward the guy who's in office and just recently put an "R" after his name. You're asking us to give the man who told the Russians he fired Comey to get the pressure of the FBI investigation off of him and the guy who insulted Comey by calling him a "nut job" in front of two people who represent a foreign country hostile to the United States.

Skud, you and your friends have no idea what your continued excuses for Trump look like to the rest of the country and the world. I don't respect Trump. He has defiled the office of the presidency. He does NOT deserve my respect.

That you continue to make excuses and support him is a puzzlement.

skudrunner said...

No puzzle here, he is a jerk who should not hold the office but he also holds the office and I will support the office. The one thing he did that I truly support is he kept -H- out.
I know you revere BHO but in my view he cost the US eight years of stagnation the middle class and small business a fortune with his feel good, do nothing policies. I work for a living and own a small business so my opinions will be different than some on this blog. There is all this uproar about DJT pulling out of a do nothing accord that the US pays the majority of, even algore said pulling out of the accord would have no effect on "climate change".
This hearing is all about congressman and women getting their time in the lime light. If you listened to the opening it was about their blowvating and puffing out their chests about how smart they are.